AAHA Accreditation

We became accredited in June, 2014. We have always held ourselves to the highest standards, and decided it was time to align ourselves with an organization that is known for excellence. The American Animal Hospital Association rigorously inspects and continually challenges it’s members to meet or exceed the highest standards in every aspect of veterinary practice.

By aligning ourselves with AAHA we have publicly announced the quality of care and professionalism we provide and have agreed to be held accountable to those standards. There are very few hospitals who are accredited and many that are unwilling to be held to the rigorous standards and continued review process.

We are the only AAHA accredited hospital in the Montrose area, and one of a handful on the Western slope of Colorado. The next closet AAHA hospital is about 60 miles away.

Some people might ask why join AAHA? We would ask, “why not?” If you are dedicated to excellence and continually strive to excel in every aspect of what you do, why not be willing to be held accountable for it? That is why we are a proud member of the American Animal Hospital Association.