As a customer of San Juan Veterinary Clinic I have always been extremely pleased with the overall customer service. I have worked with San Juan since my dogs were pups in 2008. They have handled a torn ACL, allergies, ear infections, and dental cleanings just to name a few of our specific needs. They always make a follow up call to make sure everything is okay. They have taken care of both of my labs with care and compassion, during surgeries, office visits and boarding.

Dr. Franklin’s surgical skills are second to none when it comes to performing difficult surgeries like repairing ACL injuries in dogs. I have worked with other very professional veterinarians in the Denver area before moving to Montrose, and I have never felt as secure with my dog’s care as I do with San Juan.

Sue Savoy
Montrose, CO


The dedicated Doctors and staff at the San Juan Veterinary Clinic have been a true blessing to me. All of my dogs, both past and present, along with my alpacas, have been seen by these compassionate and trustworthy doctors. I would highly recommend to anyone with both small and large animals to consider this clinic to ensure the best in treatment.

Suzette Owen
Montrose, Colorado

It’s hard to know where to even begin in talking about San Juan Veterinary Clinic! Since I moved to Montrose two years ago with four older cats and a dog, I’ve been to the clinic quite often and can honestly say that every single encounter has been wonderful. The people at the desk who take my calls couldn’t be kinder. They genuinely care about the animals and their humans and do everything they can to help. The technicians/assistants are also extremely helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. And I haven’t even gotten to the vets yet! As a lifelong cat owner who’s moved around, I’ve visited my share of vets, but never any nearly as wonderful as the ones at San Juan. They LISTEN well (which is my #1 criterion for a good doctor) and never, ever make me feel hurried. Unlike most places I’ve taken my pets, San Juan often can access the results of bloodwork and other tests right during my visit. It’s a huge comfort to know that when I take my pets there—whether for routine shots or teeth cleaning or with life-threatening illness—that they will get the most competent, up-to-date, and compassionate care I’ve ever experienced.

Mary Berry
Montrose, CO

I met Dr. Franklin at San Juan Veterinary Clinic, in August 2014, when I was looking for an orthopedic vet. My Shih Poo was born with an arm defect and was told by another facility that nothing could be done. When I met Dr. Franklin and he met my dog he gave me hope that the limb could be corrected. He was very thorough about why this happened and how he and his mentor Dr. Egger were going to surgically correct it. Dr. Franklin and the staff at San Juan Veterinary Clinic went beyond the call of duty. Dr. Franklin was not only there for my dog, but for me as well and that meant a great deal to our family. If you are looking for a vet that is knowledgeable, professional and yet down to earth I recommend San Juan Veterinary Clinic.

Fran S.
Montrose, CO

Thank you so much for sacrificing your weekend to perform surgery on Kuma’s fractured femur. The entire team at San Juan are 24 karat gold!!! We are so fortunate to have all of you in the area.

K9 Axel is back to his normal self working SAR better than ever after found and removed the broken piece of canine tooth. Your team ROCKS!

Thanks again for everything you do,

Donna Tessier
Delta, CO

We have been clients of the San Juan Veterinary Clinic for twenty years. When Dr. Franklin came on board we were impressed with his knowledge and ability to analyze different situations. Dr. Franklin and the other Doctors have always been there for us with their vast knowledge and can-do attitude. The entire staff is professional, capable, dependable, helpful, courteous and most of all great people!

Bit O’Gold Pugs
Jim and Cindy Tomsic
Montrose, CO

My husband, Jim, and I moved our family to Montrose a little over three years ago. At that time, our family consisted of three “children”: two precious cats (Hannah & Dickens) and our wonderful, black Belgium Shepherd, Sammy. Our cats both have serious, chronic health problems and the stress of our move from the East Coast caused Hannah to go into severe upper respiratory distress that resulted in cyanosis; she was turning blue from lack of oxygen. Since we had only been in town a few days, we hadn’t established a relationship with any vet, but we took Hannah to the San Juan Vet Clinic, where they immediately placed her in an oxygen environment, began antibiotics, and literally saved her life. Needless to say, we were filled with gratitude and were very impressed with the treatment Hannah received, especially as a “first-time patient”.

Since then, we have been faithful clients of San Juan Vet Clinic and have experienced the finest of personal and professional services. In November, 2013, we awoke to find our beloved, 12-year-old Sammy in dire condition, unable to walk or eat. We called SJVC and were advised to bring him in to the Clinic immediately. Dr. Petterson examined Sammy and told us he had a large tumor and was bleeding internally. Even though it was a Saturday and the Clinic closed at noon, Sammy was operated on within a very short period of time, was closely monitored throughout the afternoon and evening, and his life was saved. A very large tumor was removed, amidst severe bleeding, which required a transfusion. Since this was an emergency, weekend surgery, our vet transfused Sammy using her own dog, who happened to be at the Clinic that day. Sammy totally recovered from this episode, and we will forever be grateful to our wonderful friends at San Juan Vet Clinic for their amazing efforts in caring for him. Everyone working at the Clinic also provides wonderful TLC for the owners/parents who need reassurance when their pets are ill; the staff often holds our “paws” as well those of our kids.

We are so fortunate to have access to an AAHA Accredited Clinic that has state-of-the-art facilities, four highly-skilled and compassionate veterinarians, and an outstanding staff to treat our “kids”. The 24-hour emergency service has been a blessing to us a number of times; it is wonderful to be able to talk to your own vet within a few minutes of calling, even when the Clinic is closed. We recommend San Juan Vet Clinic, with total confidence, to everyone we know who has pets. When you love your “kids” as much as we do, only the BEST will do!

Becky & Jim Waugh
Montrose, CO