Susan, CVPM, Practice Manager

Susan joined the SJVC team in fall of 2016. A western Colorado native, she graduated from Mesa State College, earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology. She started her career in veterinary medicine at a busy practice in Grand Junction, Colorado, where she worked in many positions including kennel technician, head technician, reception, and management. Susan found her niche in management and earned her Certified Veterinary Practice Manager (CVPM) in 2012. In her free time Susan enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. They love the Western Slope and all the adventures it brings.


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Ciara joined our Customer Care Team in Spring 2018. She is proud to call Montrose her home, and loves spending time with her husband. They enjoy taking their dog out to explore the Western Slope and spending time with Family!


Dixie has worked at San Juan Vet Clinic for over 17 years, as a groomer, receptionist, and tech assistant. She’s married and has two grown sons. She enjoys the beauty of Western Colorado and loves her 2 pugs!


Geri is a proud Montrose native! She grew up on a ranch where they raised sheep, cows, and horses. She is happiest in the mountains, camping, hiking, riding horses, and enjoying everything outdoors.


Glenna is a Colorado native who grew up ranching and loving animals. She joined our team in early 2018 and has made her mark as a compassionate, detail-oriented technician. Glenna has two kids and loves riding horses with her family!


Jackie is a diversified person who brings many skills. She graduated as a RN in 1979 and enjoyed nursing for 25 years. Jackie decided to transition to veterinary medicine in 2005; we couldn’t be more thrilled for her decision. Jackie has spent much of her free time participating in dog sledding. Although retired from the sport, she still enjoys spending time with her 3 Huskies.


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Karrie is a Colorado small-town girl who joined SJVC in winter 2017. Her extensive background in customer service have been an asset to the practice.
In her free time, Karrie enjoys everything outdoors including fishing, gardening, hiking and camping. She has tremendous core values and enjoys spending as much time as possible with family and friends.


Lea was raised on a small ranch in Pigeon Ditch Colorado where she learned to love and care for animals. She graduated from Colorado Mountain College as a Certified Vet Tech in May 2018.before coming to the Clinic. She enjoys tending to all animals large and small. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors with her Boxer!


Maggie is a proud Montrose native who joined the SJVC team in fall 2017. She recently graduated high school and is enjoying her time in the veterinary field. Maggie enjoys the outdoors, sports, gym life, and the good ol’ Denver Broncos! She spends her free time engaged in these activities, along with spending time with her family.


Paige is a Colorado and Montrose native. She has studied Sociology and Biology at Fort Lewis College, which has been able to apply to her veterinary career. In her free time, she enjoys fly fishing, riding ATV’s, and playing with her family Labrador! She is an excellent addition to the team!


Resha is a Colorado native who enjoys spending time with her husband and kids. The outdoors is a big draw for Resha with hunting, camping, hiking and riding her horses.


Rose was born and raised in Colorado. When she is not working, she enjoys being outdoors with her two dogs.


Sharon is a Colorado native, she has been with the Clinic for 22 years! She enjoys working in the Lab and with the animals! She loves her two adorable kitty’s and her dog!


Janessa has grown up around the Clinic all her life. She started working as a Kennel Tech 3 years ago and is now a Vet Tech. Her love for animals and hardworking attitude has helped with her success. She loves getting to help animals and shows a general passion to learn. Working alongside her dad, Dr.Franklin, has shaped her as an individual.


Aleisha was raised on a farm and continues to ranch the Western Slope of Colorado. She joined the SJVC team in Fall 2018. Aleisha’s passion for animals became apparent at a young age; she started in the veterinary field at age 12! In her free time, you can find her enjoying outdoor activities and training animals. Aleisha is a certified animal trainer and behaviorist.


Marv is new to the practice and is a great addition! He loves dogs and enjoys providing customer service! He is a retired air force nurse (20 plus years) and a retired critical care nurse for 35 plus years. When he has extra time, he enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing, and running. He has a great personality, we enjoy having him on our team!