The word “cancer” instills a great deal of fear in most people. Almost every one knows someone who has battled this dreaded condition. Animals get cancer, too. As with people, it is important to identify the cell type of cancer. The many different “cell-types” have dramatically different biologic behaviors within the body. Identifying the type of cancer and the area of the body affected helps your veterinarian to give you information you need to choose the best course of treatment.

A thorough physical examination and some basic tests need to be done to start the assessment of the condition. With this information we can begin to determine what treatment options are available.

At San Juan Veterinary Clinic it is our goal to give you the information you need to make the best decision for your animal companion. We can perform many different cancer treatments at our hospital and provide you and your animal companion with the support you need. It is important to know that animals are incredibly resilient and typically respond very well to most forms of treatment. Most animals do not experience the severity of side effects commonly seen in humans.