Exceptional Dental Care

Commonly referred to as a “Dental” or “Teeth Cleaning”, a thorough, professional oral cleaning and assessment is essential for patient health and comfort. Animals quietly endure severe dental disease and pain without showing any signs of discomfort.

Many clients are more concerned about the anesthesia; than the disease, infection and chronic pain associated with untreated dental disease. Attempting to perform dental care without appropriate sedation is unsafe, ineffective and cruel.

We provide exceptional dental care, using optimal anesthetic techniques and monitoring protocols for patient safety. We are dedicated to providing referral quality dental care and advanced dental care techniques. We routinely perform extractions, repair fractured teeth, adjust tooth alignment. We even have the skill to perform root canals.

If you are considering dental care for your companion, you must be certain that the patient care team is exceptional, if you want optimal safety and optimum results. At SJVC we are equipped, organized, and prepared. Our team and the care they provide are exceptional.

You have your pet’s best interest at heart and want to make excellent choices for their health care, and we would like to help you with those choices. Our patients get tremendous benefits from routine dental cleanings and treatments. When the gums become inflamed due to the presence of plaque, tartar, and bacteria, the infection can spread to other parts of the body causing serious health problems such as heart and kidney disease. The pain associated with a bad tooth almost always goes undetected because our pets naturally have very stoic personalities and the behavioral changes related to pain are often gradual and subtle. Blood work prior to anesthesia will help determine if your pet is healthy enough for the procedure and allow for the appropriate choice of anesthetic medication.

Dental cleanings must be performed under general anesthesia to provide a safe and quality cleaning. Professional dental cleaning should include: IV catheter and fluids to help maintain adequate blood pressure, extensive anesthetic monitoring, warm water blankets to protect against hypothermia, both hand and ultrasonic scaling on the visible tooth and under the gum- line, polishing, and antiseptic rinse. Polishing of the enamel discourages plaque and bacteria from adhering to the rough surface of the tooth. We offer Oravet sealant and fluoride treatments to help protect the tooth surface from new tartar formation. Additionally, we can efficiently diagnose hidden decay or areas of concern with our in house Digital Dental Radiography machine.

Please check out the following approved links for more information about periodontal disease and the reasons for professional dental cleanings:

Dental Concerns for Puppies: Retained “Baby Teeth” and the Abnormal Alignment They Cause

It is important to bring your new puppy in for an overall wellness exam, including examination of your pet’s teeth. In some cases puppies are born with dental abnormalities that can affect their overall health and well being.

If caught early enough, procedures can be done to help improve the alignment of the abnormal dentition and improve the health and comfort of the patient.

Please view the photos below to see how San Juan Veterinary Clinic was able to transform the teeth of one of their clients: