Diagnostic Laboratory Services

We provide the most technologically advanced integrated veterinary care on the Western Slope of Colorado. The benefits of these technologies include:

  • Significantly improved patient care
  • Increase the speed and accuracy of diagnosis
  • Sustainability and environmentally responsible

Digital Radiography also called Digital “X-rays”

Digital radiography is state-of-the-art diagnostics in both human and veterinary medicine and we are one of the few veterinary hospitals on the Western Slope of Colorado offering this service. This includes dental radiography to assess the health of your pet’s teeth and other oral structures. Digital technology has many advantages over traditional film technology.

Major benefits:

  • Enhanced detail: Enables a more accurate diagnosis
  • Speed: Shorten your office wait time
  • Less Radiation: Safer for your pet
  • No Chemicals: Better for the environment

In House Blood Analysis

We generally do not need to send routine samples to an outside laboratory; we are capable of performing extensive diagnostic blood work, on multiple patients, 24 hours a day and have the results in minutes. It is imperative to have this information quickly to make accurate and timely treatment recommendations to provide the exceptional care your companion needs.


Endoscopy allows a visual examination of internal organs and body parts without invasive exploratory surgery. An endoscope also allows for a less painful way to document a disease process. Small biopsies may be taken to help make a diagnosis and decide the best course of treatment.

Our flexible endoscope has a slim design, effective for both large and small animals. We have a variety of accessories which include several biopsy instruments and retrieval snares. The scope is most frequently used to examine the digestive system.

For horses the endoscope allows us to examine the horse’s nose, guttural pouches, esophagus and trachea for infections, lesions, and dysfunction.

Ultrasound or Ultrasonography

Our ultrasound equipment allows for a non-invasive approach to obtain instant information about a wide range of body systems and in some cases the dynamic function of organs can be assessed. Equipped with a color flow Doppler we are also able to assess the cardiovascular system. This is a very versatile diagnostic tool; which we use daily.

Integrated Records Management

We have an advanced software system which digitally integrates our electronic medical records, digital x-rays, digital ultrasound images and diagnostic laboratory samples (both in-house and samples sent out to off-site laboratories). We believe this maintains the most complete medical record and minimizes the chance of misplaced results. This technology allows us to access a patient’s complete medical history instantly.