Farm and House Calls

Farm Calls

We provide field calls for our large animal patients. If you need this service, just give us a call and a veterinary technician will help to schedule the appointment. For many of the sick patient examinations it is preferable to haul them in to the clinic. With sick patients is it hard to predict what diagnostics will be necessary, so being at the clinic is far more efficient and can help limit expense.

House Calls

We understand that house calls are sometimes needed, and we are happy to provide this service on a limited basis. If you would like to discuss this service and possibly arrange an appointment, give us a call. The receptionists or technicians can help determine our availability. Sick patients need to be seen in the hospital to be able to effectively help them. Given the number of emergencies, sick patients and scheduled appointments, it is difficult to consistently predict when a veterinarian might be available for a house call. If we schedule a house call we will make every effort to be on time, but due to unforeseen patient needs it is sometimes difficult. If we are running late or unable to arrive for the appointment we will notify you as quickly as possible.