Digital Radiography (Digital “X-rays)

We are one of the few veterinary hospitals on the Western Slope of Colorado that has Digital Radiography. There are many benefits to this technology: image is ready quicker, ability to adjust or clarify an image, the images don’t deteriorate and no chemicals. Having digital images also makes it much easier for consultation and interpretation by specialists, when needed.

Digital Dental Radiography

San Juan Veterinary Clinic is one of a very few veterinary hospitals to have this critical tool. Dental radiography is necessary to adequately assess the roots of teeth. There is a lot of dental disease that occurs beneath the gum line that cannot be found without an “x-ray”; until it presents as severe and likely irreparable disease.

Ultrasound or Ultrasonography

Our ultrasound equipment allows for a rapid and non-invasive method to assess a wide range of organ systems. We even have Color Flow Doppler and M-Mode which enables us to assess the heart and blood vessels. Our veterinarians have extensive experience and training with ultrasonography. The digital images are saved in the patient record and can be submitted for consultation if needed.


Endoscopy allows a visual examination of some internal organs and body parts without the exploratory surgery. An endoscope also allows for a less painful way to document a disease process. We have the ability to obtain small biopsy samples to help make a diagnosis and determine the best course of treatment.

Our flexible endoscope has a slim design, effective for both large and small animals. We have a variety of instruments, such as: retrieval snares and various biopsy instruments. The endoscope is most commonly used to examine the digestive system.

For horses, the endoscope allows us to examine the horse’s respiratory tract, guttural pouches and esophagus for infections, lesions and dysfunction.